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Since its beginning in 1972, Griba Srl creates all sorts of metal accessories for high fashion leather goods and leather shoes, earning a respectful position for some of the highest fashion houses.
In 2014, a young and dynamic group of people with lots of passion and motivation acquires the company.
We pride ourselves of putting passion and experience in our activity; therefore, we focus our attention on our clients’ needs, which leads us to intensify and multiply our interest in what we do.
As a company, our mission is focused on solving problems in the quickest and most efficient way possible, also thanks to our R&D which leads to the best quality/price combination.
Quality in each single step of our activity is our primary focus, starting from the products drawings, up to their galvanic finish.
Such work ethic has fostered our growth not only as a team of professionals, but also as a company. As a matter of fact, our numbers grew exponentially in 2019 and – among other things - allowed us to move our factory and offices to a better location, in Calenzano, in a space of approximately 2500 square meters.
What we do
Project & Design
Our technical department develops our customers’ requests in the perspective of their manufacturing in the most cost-effective way, while maintain a strict adherence to the original specifications.
Modeling Department&Sampling
Our modeling department provides our customers with the initial product samples, which we deliver with the utmost punctuality.
Except for brass and zamak mouldings, which are performed by other leading companies in this field, the manufacturing phase is realized completely within our company. We pay much attention to every single step of our production, which is carefully tested both by our production manager and quality manager. Our quality control department uses state-of-the-art machines and an expert and attentive eye to detect any possible issue. We are aware that cleaning and vibrating (necessary to realize any kind of vintage finish) are very important production steps to guarantee the highest quality of any product. We have a state-of-the-art galvanic machine which complies with the most stringent environmental regulations and, as such, gives us the opportunity to be independent and guarantee the best quality. Human resources and their development, coupled with our focus on any corporate and social responsibility aspects, are also very important factors in our company’s success story. Our team is composed of young associates with strong motivation and seasoned professionals who love their job and are ready to share their extensive experience.
Quality and problem solving
Our company mission is based and focused on problem solving: providing a service with speed and seriousness and with a continuous search for the best technical solutions to guarantee a functional product with the best cost / quality ratio. We are passionate about quality and on which we focus every attention since the birth of the design of the object up to the galvanic finish, the real flagship of our production chain.
This working philosophy has rewarded our enthusiasm with an exponential growth to allow us to move to our new headquarters in Calenzano in 2019. On an area of 2500 square meters, we are able to optimize all types of die-cast brass and/or zamak accessory production.
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Our location

Located 150mt from the Calenzano (Florence) highway exit, 20 minutes north from the center of Florence, 5 minutes away from the local railway station and only 10 minutes away from the Florence airport, we are in a strategic location, where we are easily reached by our suppliers and all our customers.
Griba Srl
Via di Prato, 74
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Tel: +39 055447791
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